Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warming up for the real thing ...

I've been writing album reviews for myself for a long time. I used to share them on various forums and through Facebook, but I never really got into the kind of depth I wanted. Nor did I do my reviews as often as I wanted, as I didn't want to spam others.

The logical conclusion was to start my own blog. So here it is, welcome to The Regular Record. Here, I'll regularly review different records. Some of those records might be singles, some might be whole albums. Heck, sometimes I might just get the itch to write about a particular song buried on a record. I'm crazy like that.

I'll try to give you some historical background on the material, some information on the artist and my impressions. While I'll definitely do my best to provide the proper facts, it's more my intent to share feelings about the material and (hopefully) get discussion going. I'd love to see a community develop here, but I sure won't harass people to make it happen.

In most cases, I'll also try to provide at least one video clip, so that you'll have a multimedia experience here. Hey, it's the Internet, that is the least I can do. Happy to provide those creature comforts!

So sit back, relax, give me a read if you have the time ... and don't be afraid to share your thoughts, feelings or insights!

Welcome to The Regular Record.

One of my big musical loves is The Beach Boys. At some point I'll get to reviewing "Pet Sounds." I figured that something from that album would give my blog a fitting start. So here's a YouTube video on the making of "Wouldn't It Be Nice," one of the great songs from that record.

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