Saturday, June 23, 2012

Washing away that work vibe

I'm working today, and I doubt I'll get much time to do a proper blog entry.

But that got me thinking ... Listening to music at work isn't rare, by any stretch. Some folks hear it over the intercom at some stores. Others get radios at their desks. Some do the headphones thing. CDs. YouTube. MP3 players. Those iPhones and iPods. Music is more portable and present than ever.

I figure that's a good thing. I certainly rely on music a lot to keep me balanced and get me through the days.

If you listen to music at work, how do you do it? Does your place of business allow it? I'm curious just how permissive different fields are, and different countries are, with the practice of listening to music while working.

On my list of albums to groove to today:

  • Bob Dylan's "Love and Theft."
  • The Beach Boys' "Hawthorne, CA"
  • Pink Floyd's "Meddle."
  • Richard and Linda Thompson's "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight"
  • fun.'s "Aim and Ignite"
  • John Lennon's "Acoustic" album.

I don't know that I'll get to all of those today. And maybe I'll just listen to some of the music on my iPhone instead. Music ... Gotta love it!

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