Sunday, July 15, 2012

Going on a vacation

Woo hoo! Soon I'll be enjoying two weeks away from work. I haven't had any real vacation time away from work since I got married back in October. I'm crispy around the edges and totally looking forward to some rest, some good times, some fun and some whatever-I-feel-like-doing goodness.

I hope that'll mean a couple blog posts, too.

I've been staying pretty busy with work and everything else. By the time I get home, or even during lulls at work, I find myself pretty much tired of staring at computer screens ... so my blogging has suffered. I offer you my most sincere apologies.

How are your summers going? What's been the music that has most painted your summer? The new Fiona Apple album has been drawing rave reviews (my wife digs it a lot, too), and Kiss are putting a new album together. Add on the releases of the past couple months, including the wonderful new Beach Boys album ... and I'd say that Summer 2012 has been pretty musically rich so far.

As part of my birthday last week, my wife got me some great new headphones. I've had a few good pairs of headphones in my life, including a pair of Bose headphones. I've also had several lame pairs, and some of those bad ones have been fairly recent.

So my wife, wanting to hook me up with another pair (so that I wouldn't have to lean on the Bose set too much for trips or late-night listens), invested in a pair that really deliver some bass and clarity.

When I first got my Bose headphones, I decided to break them in with "Pet Sounds" ... and so I wanted a listening experience equally as important for these new headphones. I decided it had to be something by The Beatles. But which album? "Abbey Road" is always good. "Revolver" is amazing. The White Album? Hell, that's a pleasure no matter what. But I wanted something to really test the headphones. So I reached for a classic ... "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

What a treat! What a thrill! It brought back to mind some memories of sliding on my dad's huge headphones and listening to his vinyl copy of "Sgt. Pepper," discovering new sounds with every listen. These headphones were comfortable, delivered some clarity and power and muscle while also allowing the delicate and subtle tones to breathe. 

For much of the album, I kept my eyes closed and really let myself sink into the music. This album has the material that can really let your imagination run wild, and the sound quality really kept me engaged. I've listened to the album hundreds of times, I dearly love it ... and this experience ranks up there with the best.

The headphones have been a hell of a gift, and it's a gift that keeps on giving. I've played Pink Floyd, Queen, Beach Boys, Eminem, Weezer, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan ... and it's all held up really well.

Some headphones convey music to you ... some headphones bring it home and make it come alive. And these new headphones did that for me. You know me ... I love my music. And I love my Bose headphones. But these? They give me another way to listen to the stuff I love. Sony, you did some good work with this model.

And my wife? She spoils the heck out of me. They broke the mold when they made her. :)

Well, I'd best get back to the grind. Hope to touch base with you all again soon!

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