Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beach Boys' new song getting me through

Work and real life continue to be very hectic. I am not abandoning the blog, I just haven't been able to make it a priority lately. This month will be atypical, I promise. More music posts will come.

As the slog continues, music continues to be my biggest source of calm and joy. And one of my favorite groups, The Beach Boys, are topping my playlist this week.

The newest Beach Boys song to hit the Internet and (soon) the radio is "That's Why God Made the Radio."

It's a damn good song. A lot of people are already complaining about it, saying it is too safe or too sanitized or too bland or too processed. Whatever. It sounds good, and it is balm for the soul.

Brian's voice is strong, the lyrics aren't bad (there are a couple cringers, but nothing awful) and the rest of the group and the support singers (Jeff Foskett, etc.) really create a wonderful blend. The harmonies are cool, and the arrangement is punchy. The sound may be a little, well, unadventurous. There's certainly nothing "SMiLE" about it. There's nothing as dynamic as "Wouldn't It Be Nice," for sure. But it's a nice group exercise, and certainly meets (if not exceeds) the quality of many latter-day Beach Boys efforts.

For a group of guys in their late 60s and 70s, this is pretty damn tasty. It's not old codger music (though the radio as a topic kind of dates it ... unless people are talking satellite radio, I don't think AM/FM is gonna relate to younger listeners). It should please the already established fan base. It's fresh, pleasant and just has an overall sense of joy and reassurance that one gets from some of the best Beach Boys songs.

I'm tickled, and I look forward to the album (due out in June).

What do you folks think?


  1. sorry to hear about the busy stuff in your life

    thanks for sharing the video, I LOVE the Beach Boys

    1. wow, this must be the fastest I've had a reply to a blog entry ... must be a lot of people searching for The Beach Boys' new stuff!

      I love these guys, too. Thanks for stopping in Egg McMuffin. I hope you'll share more thoughts here!

  2. got link to mp3?

    1. Sorry, Anonymous. I don't do links to downloads. Thanks for checking in, though.

  3. found yur blog with willards site and not sure what you do here

    video is boring, did you make?

  4. Hi Anonymous.

    What I do here: I just write about music. Sometimes there's a point (like reviewing an album), and sometimes I just go on and on about how cool music is.

    I try to incorporate some history, some analysis and some photos/videos to give folks some background into what I'm going on and on about.

    I didn't make the video. I guess it isn't visually astounding, but I'm not sure it was supposed to be. What did you think of the music?


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