Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach Boys: New album song samples

Yes, yes, I know ... you're probably getting tired of all the posts about The Beach Boys and their new album.

Sorry! Up through June, I'm sure there'll be a majority of my posts that are devoted to the group and their new album. I promise, there'll be more variety worked in as well.

But for now ...

Visit Amazon for short samples of the new songs on the upcoming Beach Boys album!

You can hear them HERE (click these words).

You can also preorder the album on iTunes for $9.99. For those of us who have to have the album ASAP, that's a great option. Helps save on the storage space, too, though I love having physical copies (CD and vinyl are already ordered on my end). If you check out iTunes, they have longer samples of the songs, too.

Some of this new stuff is sounding pretty darn good to my ears! Your thoughts? Please share!


  1. do you have a stream of the sampels?

    1. I'm afraid I don't. Sorry!

      You can find them by visiting www.amazon.com, or by searching the iTunes store.

      Thanks for stopping in! Feel free to stop by and comment some more!


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