Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodbye, Beastie Boy

Adam Rauch died. Age 47. Cancer.

The Beastie Boys member who went by the name MCA announced in 2009 that he had cancer. He had treatment. I thought things were doing better. Heck, they even released a new album last year.

Sad news. ...

I first really became aware of The Beastie Boys in my early teens. I remember seeing the video for "Sabotage" and it grabbed my attention. It was so ... 1970s cop TV drama-esque. It was propulsive, a beat that kicked ass and vocal performances as rocking and undeniable as anything they'd done. Not as much rap as rock, perhaps, but they always were good at getting the right sounds for things ...

My best wishes to his family, and to the other guys in the band.


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