Monday, May 14, 2012

Credits for the new Beach Boys songs

A writer friend doing a feature on the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys, including their upcoming new album, has provided songwriting credits for the songs on the new album!

There are some surprises, but it definitely illustrates how involved Brian Wilson has been with the project. Want to know more? Let's take a look!

It's not a huge surprise that Brian Wilson co-wrote a lot of the tracks, nor is it a surprise that producer Joe Thomas (who worked with Brian Wilson on his "Imagination" album) has a fair share of co-write credits himself. Thomas co-wrote some of the tracks on that "Imagination" album, and his production style (while a little heavy on keyboards, nylon-string guitar and contemporary adult-oriented radio flair) is at least warm and welcoming.

Mike Love is an author and co-author of some of them, too. And I'm glad about that, truly. I'm not a Mike Love hater, but I do admit to being a bigger fan of the Wilson brothers. I think Mike has provided some great lyrics and hooks throughout the years ... and some schlock, as well. But all of the Beach Boys have provided some less-than-good material, so I'm not gonna knock Mike out of turn.

I don't see any Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston or David Marks writing credits, but some of their songs had been floated as possible tracks for the new album and apparently were worked on. So they may emerge as bonus tracks or get held for future projects. We'll definitely have something to look for in the coming months/year!

OK, so, let's look at the songwriting credits.

1. Think About The Days
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

2. That’s Why God Made The Radio
(B. Wilson, J. Peterik, L. Millas, J. Thomas)

3. Isn’t It Time
(B. Wilson, M.E. Love, J. Peterik, L. Millas, J. Thomas)

4. Spring Vacation
(B. Wilson, M.E. Love, J. Thomas)

5. The Private Life Of Bill And Sue
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

6. Shelter
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

7. Daybreak Over The Ocean
(M.E. Love)

8. Beaches In Mind
(B. Wilson, M.E. Love, J. Thomas)

9. Strange World
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

10. From There To Back Again
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

11. Pacific Coast Highway
(B. Wilson, J. Thomas)

12. Summer’s Gone
(B. Wilson, J. Bon Jovi, J. Thomas)

See that last track? Notice a familiar name? J. Bon Jovi, eh? Jon Bon Jovi ... hrm. Well ... I look forward to hearing it! Might be interesting.

All right, well, that's about all the new stuff I have for now. Check back in later!


  1. That last track, co-wrote by Jon Bon Jovi & Joe Thomas has a very nice soft sound.
    To me the most underrated song is From There To Back Again, also co-wrote by Joe Thomas. Thanks for posting the credits. Have read that some of these songs were packed away from when Wilson and Joe Thomas worked on Imagination and the balance are current songs.

    1. Hi there, Peter Soumas!

      I've come across several articles that claim that many of the tracks stem from the 1998 "Imagination" album. And I've read that the last three tracks (including "From There To Back Again") were part of a longer suite ... I hope we get the rest of that material in the future!


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